♦Immediately you pay to the FFB’s ACCOUNT, Email address of the payee  should reach us immediately after payment. The registration fee is N8,000 (Eight thousand naira only and is Non refundable.)

♦All payments must be made to the companies account or through referrals.

♦It is important to know that members cannot and will not get any reward of any kind if he/she did not refer the required number of people needed under him/her.

♦Family Feed Barn is looking forward to reward members with fabulous GIFT(s).

♦Intending and registered members are advised to attend seminars and workshop meetings for more understanding of the business plan.

♦A registered member can apply for a depot in his/her State as a representative of the Organization. However,they would have to contact the Family-Feed Barn for inquiries.

♦In the event of death or any incapacity of the member all product supplies and benefits will transferred to the beneficiaries of the partner.

♦Nothing in this registration with FAMILY FEED BARN business plan, form or any other documents/media relating to FAMILY FEED BARN LIMITED registration between the Company and its business partner’s, their beneficiaries or their attorneys shall under any situation be entitled to any whatsoever exceeding the provision of this special clause.

♦The company reserves the right to change the items available for collection.

♦The company reserves the right to close up any account of any reported  case with proof to carry out fraudulent acts to the detriment of the company.

♦Pins bought cannot be returned and payment cannot be refunded.

♦Names of account holders must match that of their accounts names.

♦The company is not responsible for any hacked members account. Members are responsible for their login details.