For registration pins you can pay directly to the FFB: Account Name: Family feed Barn Ltd, Bank is GTbank and Account number is 0254211543.

And then send us a mail containing your name (which you used to pay) phone number and an active email address for that is where your registration pin will be sent to. As for sponsor ID you can just pick a zone if you don’t have one.

Remember to inform your friends and family members,who can visit the office to do so for seminars on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS by 12pm.

Every Society needs healthy families. Family is a gift that lasts for ever

Food Side Attraction

✅Weight watchers and healthy eaters have Granola cereals to snack on, reduce that weight line, flatten those pot belle tummies, no cholesterol no preservatives

✅Acha flour great for diabetic patients , elderly parents and healthy eaters

✅ perfect tasting palm oil for various soups and delicacies

✅ Honey beans (naturally sweet) called “Oloyin” by the Yoruba,s in western Nigeria … it is high in protein (for building and repair of body tissues ) and complex carbohydrate for energy

✅White beans fight against storage of energy as body fat
Antioxidants in white kidney beans promote good health and wrinkle-free skin
✅White beans offer a truckload of magnesium
White beans have detoxifying properties

✅Molfix baby diapers for your children

✅Strawberry perfumed tissue…fragrance so sweet you would love to sleep in your toilet 😀

✅Sanitary Pad which every woman who is not above menopause should have. For a stress free and non sticky period

Family Feed Barn Lovers Have Various Groups?

1. Non referrals groups
2.Referral groups( u can form yours)

3.Referral groups that do group work.

4.Fast track groups ( for those who don’t want to refer)

  • Click here for whatsapp link or redirection to group.
  • Facebook Group Link click here

NB: To be done with a mobile device for whatsapp.

NB: this groups can aid you and are found through channels like Facebook and whatsapp.


FFB Food List

Bournvita, Dano slim, Dano full cream, Kerry Gold milk
Mac Coffee(morning), Cornflakes, Honey, Pap
Spaghetti, Indomie, Knorr seasoning, Honey beans
Granola, Acha flour, Palm oil, Rice, Semovita
Wheat, Groundnut oil, Molfix diapers, Perfumed toilet papers
And lots more

Family feed barn covers your food, Cash, Browsing device, Mobility, Change of wardrobe
Trip to Dubai to chill, Money to shop in Dubai,Business start up money, Become a land owner
And much more.

Visit our compensation plan page to learn more.

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